Laundry List, Item 5: Nothing Lasts!

When I first thought about it the concept that nothing lasted freaked me out. I think I knew it was true. Of course nothing lasts. Everybody dies. If I take a cursory look at my own life I can see that nothing has remained static for very long.

But I was different. Especially when it came to my relationships. I was going to hold onto them and they were only ever going to improve.

When the most fundamental relationship was ripped from underneath me, the one I thought would last forever (at least until I died), it began a slow awakening that nothing lasts. And this is okay. Good in fact.

It means that I don't have to cling on to the good things in my life for fear of losing them. Nor do I have to pretend that the painful thing that is happening now is not happening. Good things and painful things will happen to me, and they will not last. The will flow through me like a river.

The most liberating thought of all came when I read about a theory that our universe could have expanded and contracted on itself countless times already. And when it is time for this incarnation of the universe to contract on itself again, any legacy I think I may have left will be completely squashed into a dense, black, nothingness.

What does it mean? It means I am free to enjoy each moment as it is. I am free to have the reddest of hot go's. I can push the limits and see just what I am capable of. I can follow that hint of the divine wherever it leads, because it is the best I have to go on.