The first, awkward, step

Today I took my first awkward step into the world of podcasting. I interviewed my sister in law as part of the journey of launching my podcast 'Subtle Disruptors'. By no means was it perfect. I have a bit to learn about sound, about recording, about getting to the interesting stuff. I felt awkward. But I took the step, and I am so happy I did. The learning and satisfaction I have from doing that is reward in itself, and having listened to some of the recording, it actually isn't that bad!

My old self would have wanted to make the first step perfect. Would have planned for hours and days to ensure that I would not feel that awkwardness. And if I was still afraid of feeling awkward after all that planning, then I took that as a sign that I should abort mission. Oh, what I have missed out on because of that approach!

Sometimes you have to move, you have to speak, you have to act, regardless of how awkward it is. Because failing to act will not uncover anything new. Because acting can set in train an amazing series of events.