That first whack to the confidence

Yesterday I received my first piece of feedback on my new podcast. It is not launched yet - I need to complete a few more interviews before I really put it out there. However I asked a friend to listen to it, and he said that there was too much background noise.

This small piece of criticism, meant to help me, knocked me about for a couple of hours. Were my microphones bad? Was I just bad at interviewing? Did I have any chance of people enjoying listening to what I was creating?

I want there to be background noise on my podcast. I want the listener to get a sense of place when they are listening the the person I am interviewing. I do not want them to be annoyed by the background noise though, and switch off because of it. It needs to complement the interviewee and what they are saying.

The reality is the feedback can only be good. As long as I don't let it cripple me. As long as I take in on board and work out what is valid for me and what I want to bring into being.