The view of me on the stage

I am not really in the public eye. I don't get up on stage. I don't have thousands or even hundreds of followers or listeners. So I write this more in the hope that if I get to that point, I am still prepared to be authentic and congruent and vulnerable and aligned.

Because what I am writing here is a critique of those people who have that kind of position, but even in a subtle way give off a false impression of their life. Especially people who are talking about people having a good and vital and fulfilled life. If people see only the nice and polished parts of these people, they are left with the incorrect impression that this is what they are striving for.

This is an impossible reality. Everybody has their moments of frustration and pain and stuffing up. Things that may not fit with the good life talk. Things that may lose them some audience members. Lose them some money.

As I write this I realise that it is counter intuitive of me to point the finger at people on stage and with big audiences, and excuse myself from this critique. Because I have the opportunity to present myself authentically or polished and masqueraded in countless situations each day. After all, the whole world is a stage.

I don't think I need to reveal my deepest and darkest to every person I come across. But if I am in a relationship that is growing in intimacy; if I am in a relationship where someone is looking at me as somebody to emulate or be guided and influenced by; then it is my responsibility to show up as I am, to be truthful with my whole being. 

I am writing this because I value truth, and I want my behaviour to be aligned with this value. This means on those occasions when I do not live this way, coming around to being truthful about that, even if it takes a while.