Preparing like an athlete

Last night I watched the Cristiano Ronaldo documentary. I have been thinking a lot about sports people recently, particularly how they are focused on their goal of getting the best out of their bodies, and on winning. I used to be quite focused on sport as a kid, and I have been revisiting that stage in my life.

The documentary was pretty good - well put together, polished. However I found that it didn't really get behind the scenes of why he is the way he is. Why he is so concerned about external recognition. Why he has to be the best, to win. I did love how focused he is, how dedicated he is to being his best, how he has been willing to sacrifice to achieve what he has.

For me the pondering of athletes has been about reflecting on what I am trying to achieve, and to what lengths am I willing to go to give myself the best chance of achieving this. I think in many ways I am a late starter in understanding and following my quest, which means I need to be vigilant in preparing for it and following it.

My quest is to be present in each moment I live, to be completely aware of all aspects of myself, and to bring into being that which only the most authentic me can bring into being. The practical out workings of this are currently telling the stories of those who are also on this quest, of creating a delightful product that will support emerging artists, and of creating work places that are good for people's wellbeing.

My training involves a daily routine of meditation, exercise, nutritious food, learning, expressing, loving, and putting myself in uncertain and uncomfortable situations.

What comes out of this process, what the exact results are, are to an extent irrelevant. They will take care of themselves.