I get worried that I am going to feel like this forever

In those moments when I am low on energy, feeling sad, and not sure what to do next, the worst thing is thinking that I am never going to have energy again, feel happy again, but sure of my next move again.

Of course, this is rubbish. I have been unhappy before, and moved through it. I have been low on energy before, and then regained energy.

The word 'Anicha' comes to mind. This too will pass. Impermanence. 

Therefore I will allow my body to feel and process what it needs to process in this moment. Without turning my attention away from it. Without wishing I was already through it. Rolling with the low energy and sadness and uncertainty. Compassion and gentleness with myself. Believing that there is a higher intelligence in my being that knows what it needs, and is ensuring it gets it.