Appetite for change

Sometimes the best option overall is not the best option for this moment. One scenario I have become aware of recently where this holds true is when there is an incumbent option, and there is effort and change required to move from the not so ideal incumbent option, to the better alternative.

If the resources required to make the change between the two options are significant, including emotional, social, logistical, and financial resources, and the resources available in these areas are depleted, then the status quo is probably the best option for this moment.

I recently had to go through this process in terms of schools for my kids. There is a school which I think would be better suited for them and is more aligned with my values. However there has been a large amount of change in my own life over the past 12 months, as well as in the kids' lives. This has depleted our resources for social, emotional and logistical change, meaning we have decided that the not so ideal school is the ideal choice for the next period of time. Until our reserves for change are renewed again.