Unfortunately I think I am vegetarian

For about a year I have had a suspicion that I am better when I don't eat meat. Not better in a moral sense, but better in a present, creative, energised sense.  

This started when I spent 10 days on a retreat eating vegetarian food. It was the first time I saw vegetarian food as a tasty and a viable alternative. I also started to notice how well I felt.  

I maintained this for about a month after the retreat and then started eating meat again. One year on, this past month I have become so aware of the impact the food I put into my mouth have on the rest of my being. 

Then I watched the film Unity , and I have struggle to eat meat since. Now it has become not only an issue of wellbeing for me, but also for all life living on the planet I am connected to. I feel I am doing my growing consciousness harm by eating the flesh of another being, so much so that I am beginning to be repulsed by meat. 

And this is unfortunate because I really don't want to be that person who is annoying at meal times. I really don't want to have to make that much of a scene. But it seems that negotiating ethics, consciousness, wellbeing, and presence is the situation I find myself in, and must embrace.