The last time I went on a silent meditation

This weekend I am going on a silent meditation. It is much shorter than the first time I did this, which was for 10 days, and felt like I had entered a hard core martial arts training camp. This time I think the process will be more gentle, and I wonder if the result will be less profound as a result.

I had some key moments the first time I did this:

  • seeing my body as it is, and accepting it as it is in this moment;
  • awareness of the different sensations within and on my body, and how I feel different emotions in different parts of my body; and
  • an experience that no matter what I am feeling, whether it is a beautiful buzz or a painful ache, it is all temporary and will pass in its time. There is no benefit in holding onto the buzz, or hating on the ache. Accept and allow both to flow.

A silent meditation is something I want to do at the start of each year as a way to focus on my entire being, detox myself from some of the many ways I distract myself from what my being is telling me, and to listen to what I need.

I look forward to writing about what I discovered this time.