Grounding after elation

This past weekend was all about launching my podcast. I have tweeted, posted and shared more than I ever have, and have got some great feedback. I have been on a high - partly because it is something I have been working on for about 6 months and it is so satisfying to see it materialise. And partly because I am getting some pats on the back and encouragement for my efforts.

Today though I have felt the need to allow myself to come down from this emotional high. A moment to stop and watch a film and not do too much work.

I have not been very successful. I am obsessed with checking download stats and wanting people to share my stuff. Then I remembered my friend talking about Zen habits, and this article.

I want to remember why I am doing this podcast. It is not for adulation. It is not for success. It is because I wanted to meet people who were doing really cool, purposeful stuff; I wanted to tell their stories; and I wanted a community of people to be encouraged by their stories.

So that is what I focus on. Helping people by hearing and sharing their stories.