Alternate worlds, just around the corner

When we are in a routine it can become efficient in getting things done. It is also efficient in blinding us to other worlds that are on our doorstep.

There is no need to travel overseas to become aware of and observe new cultures. A simple change in routine can uncover the secret worlds of those around us.

For example, taking a break from your normal work day and driving or walking around an unfamiliar area to see what other people do while you are at your desk. For me I discovered how many people hang out in cafes during the day, and the number of professional sporting teams that practise out in the open for all to see.

Or waking up really early to see the pre-dawn worlds of many. I discovered that the streets are filled with cyclists at 5am, and that so many people are out walking their dogs.

These may seem like inconsequential learnings, but they disrupt the pattern in our brains and create the opportunity for new, creative, innovative thinking to occur, and for new meetings to happen.

There are many ways to break a routine, and here are few more suggestions requiring minimal financial and time investment:

  • walking or driving a different way home
  • reading a book from a genre you typically avoid
  • arriving at a destination much earlier than usual
  • going to a meetup with a group of people you know nothing about

If you have other ideas of simple ways to uncover new worlds, let us know in the comments.