Being here now

Having let people know that I am writing a blog, and getting some positive feedback about it, I find myself in a strange state of not wanting to write. I feel nervous that people I know are going to read about me. The veil of anonymity was liberating for my writing. Added to this I have felt quite lethargic and low over the past few weeks.

So today I have decided to write how I feel, regardless of this reluctance to write and my burning desire to alt+tab away from this page and check facebook/soundcloud/gmail (which I have just done anyway).

Today I feel sad. I miss my boys. I feel lonely. I really want to start working and earning an income again.

I am working, but the money is not yet coming in. I did a podcast interview this morning which went really well, but at the same time depleted my energy. I did some work on my mint business which was great, but that is still months away from brining in revenue.

I walk around my house and it seems big and empty. I feel disconnected even through I am spending more time on facebook than I ever have. 

This may be the most depressing post I have written. What am I to do?

It is simple really. I think most of the solutions to most of the problems are simple. I need to reach out to people. To take the first step to connect and talk and ask for help. I'm off to call a friend. Thanks for reading.