True Wealth

Instead of adding things to our life to improve it, Nassim Nicholas Taleb encourages the readers of his book Antifragile to consider what they can remove. 

He suggests a list of things that true wealth consists of (which I quite like):

  • worry free sleeping
  • clear conscience
  • reciprocal gratitude
  • absence of envy+
  • good appetite
  • muscle strength+
  • physical energy
  • frequent laughs+
  • no meals alone+
  • no gym class
  • some physical labor+
  • good bowel movements
  • no meeting rooms
  • periodic surprises

In thinking about this list he makes that call that achieving true wealth is therefore more about what one takes away from their life, as opposed to what they add to it.

I have started to think what I could remove from my life, like the things I do, the things I have, and the food I eat, in order to improve it. The crosses on the dot points above are where I think I could improve (not that I would admit to the third last point in public!).