Writing Fling #7: Climbing to think

Part seven of free writing in 2015. Some familiar themes I am still processing today.


Oh how he could climb. Anything. Trees. Rocks. Mountains. Sofas. Houses. He seemed to have an inbuilt desire to mount the things he saw. To move over them. To reach their summit. Or perhaps it was a desire to get to know something more intimately, to become closer to being one with it. To feel it with his whole body.

When he climbed a tree he love the feeling of being hugged by the branches. Of being wedged between trunk and branch, and being gently caressed by the leaves. He loved the smell, and looking up through the canopy to the flickering sunlight.

He would often climb as close to the top as he could, and sit there for an hour. Rocking with the wind and contemplating all that passed through his mind.

It was up there that he first encountered her: Peace. Tranquility. He feel in love with her, and began to understand the important, crucial role she had to play in his life. The calling to a higher purpose. Of stillness. Of assertiveness. Of beauty and longing.

As he sat up there today he enjoyed the sun on his shoulders as he sat astride a strong branch. He was smiling and rocking slightly. He was starting to comprehend some deep truths about the nature of things. He was realising that there was not other option for him any more. He was going to have to live large. The days of playing safe were diminishing. It was time to amplify himself. To be bolder by the day. Not from a place of bravado or ego. Beyond ego - from his depths. And not for anybody else. On the contrary: for himself. He was just now able to tune into his most authentic part - his soul - his loins - his conscience. 

He was able to hear that voice with more clarity, more consistently. He was also developing the courage to follow what he heard.

He noticed that as he did this, he felt like he was hitting some groove. Finding some rhythm, or at least hearing it and moving to it.

Life was somehow easier. Not because it was more comfortable or predictable or safe. But because he was flowing with the twists and turns, and not against them.