Leadership of self

Warning: Football references forthcoming...

There are two aspects of leadership I am learning about.

The first is leading yourself before you can lead anybody else. I was struck by this when reading about the Carlton Football club, where they have introduce a separate training group for players that are not up to scratch with their body measurements and fitness. They are not allowed to be part of the main group until they are up to scratch themselves. 

The second is, once you know how to lead yourself, to start to use your voice and lead others. In an article I can longer find, Andrew Walker from Carlton talks about the need for players to speak up when it is their turn, to lead others with what they see as true.

You can lead others without being able to lead yourself, however your effectiveness and integrity are diminished. You can lead yourself without leading others, but your influence and development is diminished. 

I am starting with leading myself: through awareness, how I look after and think about myself, and understanding and following my purpose. Now that I have got a good enough grasp of this, I think I am ready to effectively lead others and speak up about what I see as true.