"Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time."

I first read this quote from Debbie Millman in Brain Pickings. It is an apt reminder as I start to embark on three projects that I consider to be worthwhile, two probably more so than the other.

I completed my first podcast interview last week, and as I contemplate where it might take me, I realise that it is at least a year away before it becomes something of significance. I dream of creating a chain of coworking/coliving/social spaces, a very Melbourne version of SoHo house. This could take a long time to bring into fruition.

And at front of mind at the moment is another project I am working on. A food product that I am having a lot of fun with. Even it is starting to take a long time. I am getting caught in anti-patterns of analysis paralysis and questioning my decisions. I am at a point though where I am conflicted between going with a easier option to test the idea, or spending more money on potentially getting a better, more healthy product.

Can this quote guide me in this situation? What of the other 9 things Debbie Millman has to say?

I feel let down by going with the easy option. I want to create a delightful product, but it seems smart to create something with less risk. But not as fun!

Something to ponder for me today.