Did I say too much?

Yesterday I travelled to the manufacturer who is going to develop and produce my breath mints. I made a decision as I got out of the car to tell him about the reason I wanted to make this mint. And I have been regretting it ever since.

I think that piece of information was one of my pieces of Intellectual Property, and I have just put it into the hands of somebody who could use it for his own purposes, cutting me out of the equation.

I wanted to tell him so that he knew the context as he started to formulate the product - I thought it could help him to develop a better product. I also wanted to tell him so that there were no secrets between us - a building of trust. 

Now though, I think I could have accomplished this and protected myself as well. I feel vulnerable and like I may have blown it. It will come down to how trustworthy this person is. I suppose in the end I only want to do business with trustworthy people, and the sooner I find out his character the better. Even if it means losing this whole business opportunity.

Given the same circumstance again I would not have said what I said. But I will take the positives out of whatever the outcomes of me doing so are.