Yeah, sometimes I can be a bit too serious

My confession at the confessional of blog: I was a born-again, pentecostal, fervent, Christian. I bought into it, I was guilted by it, I felt it my calling to convince and lead and ear-bash others with it.

Today I am not this, and after about seven years in the spiritual wilderness I am discovering a new sense of meaning, connection and spirituality. It is wonderful and liberating and redemption from my previous spiritual incarnation.

One of the things I seem to have retained from my more dogmatic spiritual experience is a tendency to get preachy and over-passionate when I am convinced and really into something. This happened to me yesterday when thinking about the business I am creating with two friends of mine. I want the business to be driven by purpose and to be about something much more than making money: I want it to be about raising people's consciousness.

I had convinced myself that it was my job to convince my two business partners about this. That they were not on the same page, that all they cared about was making money, and that it was my job to save them and the business from this fate.

Thank god I caught myself in this frame of mind. And while I was not able to dispel the urge altogether, I was able to temper it. I still spoke with them about my desire for the business, managing to be have less attachment to my idea than I might previously have had.

My reflection on this is that some of this passion is part of who I am at the moment, and can be useful. This is one of the things I bring to the business: a sense of meaning and higher calling, and making sure we are on this track. I am grateful for my business partners who bring realism, humour and practicality, because these are the gifts my religions fervour forgot to give me.