Food as medicine

I go through some strange mental gymnastics when it comes to eating. I know that eating nutritious food helps me to feel better in each moment. I am actually able to be more present, have more enthusiasm for those around me and for life in general, if I am eating well. For me this means laying off the sugar, the wheat, and the second coffee, and eating heaps of vegetables.

I often get to that point where I have eaten really well, where I am feeling energised and healthy, when for some reason I tell myself that I deserve to eat a 'treat'. For me this means a bunch of chocolate, a second or third coffee, or some cake. Or just eating more than I need to.

What inevitably follows is a feeling of lethargy, a cloudy head, an uncomfortable stomach, and overall a feeling that I don't want to engage.

So when I say that I deserve a treat, what I actually seem to be saying is that I deserve to feel a bit worse than I am feeling right now. Doesn't actually sound like something I deserve. Or want.

What I want is to be present, to feel energised, and to produce my best as often as I can. What I eat seems to be a big part of this.