Making all the mistakes

One of my current endeavours is to launch a podcast called Subtle Disruptors. I am in the process of getting my first set of interviews together before I launch. I am in the process of making all the mistakes there are to make before I launch.

This is the part of the process you often don't hear about in successful and unsuccessful ventures. That part where people spend two days listening to samples of music for their 30 second intro and outro music. The part where the batteries run out half way through an interview and you don't have any spares. The part where for some strange reason your memory card is full half way through the best interview you have done to date.

I'm sure there will be more mistakes to uncover in the days and interviews to come. I want to make a note of them here, and how knocked down and shamed I feel when they occur. How I wonder if I will ever get to the point of launching, and if I have blown my chance at doing something well.

Today I get back on my feet and I will have a go at another interview. There is no certainty that all will go smoothly. There is no certainty it will be an awesome conversation. But I keep moving forward into that murky dark cave of exploration and creation.