Knowing and Trusting

There is a gulf between knowing oneself, knowing another person, and then trusting oneself, trusting another person.

I am currently undergoing a compressed and rocky road to self understanding and trust. Being part of a 10 day Vipassana experience was a big part of this, as is ongoing daily meditation.

From this I developed a deeper confidence that I needed to resign from my job. It took some time, but I managed to trust myself enough to do this, despite not having another job to go to.

Concurrently while learning to know and trust myself, my experience of knowing and trusting people close to me has been severely tested. 

My sister recently sent me this video on trust.  Whilst I have had my conviction to trust tested, I want to keep moving towards people, keeping opening up, move towards others with vulnerability and openness, knowing myself better and trusting myself more in the process.