Reality stranger than fiction

I never really used to believe that reality could be stranger than fiction. I think I lived my life in such a safe way that I did not allow myself to collide with the richness and surprises of life.

The past eight months have reversed all that. My reality, while not stranger than fiction, is now starting to approach it. And I feel more alive as a result. I find myself laughing at the ridiculousness of what happens, and surrendering myself to things I can't control.

Reading Uncertainty has certainly helped me to embrace these moments. The three questions to ponder are excellent in this regard:

  • "What does the worst case scenario look like, and how would I recover?"
  • "How would the status quo look in 5 years time?"
  • "What does the best that could happen look like?"

I also like the Viktor Frankl quote from Man's Search for Meaning:

"...listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long run - in the long run, I say! -success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it."