Judge not, lest ye be judged

On Sunday night I was at an Italian restaurant for my mum's birthday. There were about eleven of us there, including my two young boys are their cousin of a similar age. The three boys love hanging out together, which is great for them and often difficult for the parents, especially at a restaurant.

We were surviving pretty well thanks to a early order and delivery of pizza and chips. The adults had ordered their pizza, and just as they were being placed on our table I noticed a couple of lemon lime and bitters drinks sitting in front of the boys. I was commenting on this being strange as I did not remember ordering them, when all of a sudden my eldest son reached out to get some chips and knocked the full glass over on one of the freshly placed pizzas.

I was just about to launch into a lesson and lecture for my son on being aware of oneself at the table when I caught myself - perhaps 2 days of silence helped me to be aware of the situation. People were laughing, and there was no real harm done. I was probably the one who was most embarrassed, and even the pizza ended up being salvageable. 

One day later, yesterday, I had made my way into the city for a job interview. After taking a year off work and only now just getting back into interviewing, what is usually a nervous situation was even more so for me.

I was sitting down with one of the two people who was going to interview me, waiting for the second person to arrive. When she did arrive she reached out to shake my hand - I never know in these moments whether to stay seated and shake hands, or to stand. It always feels better to have stood up, but it also seems overly formal. With this running through my head, I managed a half sitting half standing hybrid approach to shaking hands, and in the process managed to forget that I had a full glass of water right in front of me. Not even making it to the handshake, I managed to knock the entire full glass all over the table. 

Somewhere in the background I faintly heard a rooster crow three times.