Dinner leftovers for breakfast

The leader of an entrepreneurial and self-development program I did recent gave me an answer I was not expecting.

As part of this program we looked at the big ways we can help improve our personal vitality and effectiveness. This included working through modules on sleep, meditation, movement, and positive psychology.

I was going for walk with him one day and asked him if eating and food was one of the upcoming personal vitality modules. He simple said 'No', that it was too hard and too controversial.

This was not the answer I was expecting because from where I am looking the things I put into our body are right up there with sleep, meditation and movement in improving how I feel and function in everyday life, not to mention their impact on my long term health. Changing the way I eat and drink has been a major factor in thriving through difficult periods.

I contrast this with somebody I heard talking on RRR radio last weekend. When asked what she recommended eating for breakfast, she reflected that eating cereal and toast were a relatively recent and culturally specific practise, and probably not that great for us. In times not too long ago, vegetables and meat for breakfast were much more common, and therefore she recommended the best breakfast was eating leftovers from the night before's dinner.

So I gave it a go during the week: chicken sausages, broccoli and carrots for breakfast. 

While it was a head spin for me and my kids who watched me do this with gaped mouths, my body felt great during the day (and I didn't feel like eating again until well after noon).

I was also a great challenge to how I think about the first meal of the day and set myself up to be the best I can, and also to what I have mindlessly taught my kids about this meal. 

Leftovers anyone?