Writing Fling #2: Awareness and Action

The second in a series of pieces I wrote in the midst of turmoil last year.


Let it out. Open the suitcase. Find out what is in there. You cannot change the contents. They are what they are. Looking brings light to the unknown. Once it is seen and know, then you can decide what to do. Without the light there is only guessing, and bad guessing leads to ignorant action.

Knowing what is there may bring fear, discomfort, pain, joy, laughter. It will bring truth though. And it will set you free.

Because it is the way to live - according to what is real; reality. That is the way to good decision making, aligned action. 

Aligned with what?

With nature, the universe, my body. Integrity is the key world. A cohesive whole. Pure. Making sense. Ringing true. Radiating.

Listening to the conscience is opening the suitcase. Aligned action can be taken once the conscience is understood. But it is not necessitated by it. Acting is different to looking, and takes a different type of courage. The courage to trust what you see and hear. To back yourself. To know that it will be okay if you follow your path.

Okay then...what does following your path mean?

It does not mean safe. It does not mean risk. It means acting within yourself; you will be at peace. A peaceful warrior.

I know it is the action I am struggling with at the moment. Feeling okay with disappointing people. Let them down gently, but let them down if that is the aligned action. Let them feel it. Don't butt in and save them. It is not saving. It is denying. And both will suffer as a result. 

Do the thing that needs to be done.