I love the concept of contingency, which I recently have understood in its full richness. 

I am in the process of redeeming many of the words I first learnt in the context of IT consulting, and hence much meaning and beauty were taken away from them. In that environment contingency meant the amount budgeted time and money we kept up our sleeve for a project rainy day.

I now understand some more of what this word means, and I love that it speaks of things that could happen, but it is unknown if they will ever happen; the probability of them occurring is unknown. My new understand is so beautiful because it means that the life we see around us is the result of contingency. Nothing that has happened necessarily had to happen, but by chance it did, and it is here.

We don't exactly know how unique or special our planet, our species, our individual lives are, but they seem to be pretty remarkable. It is amazing that we are here. That we are aware we are here. And indeed all life is precious and sacred.

May all beings be well. May all beings be happy. May all beings live with ease.