Opposition bringing clarity to values

There is a conversation I know I need to have today, and I am not looking forward to having it. I am trying to get a product made, and I want the product to be excellent. But I feel stuck because I seem to have only found one person who can make it for me, and I don't like how they plan to make it.

I went to an event this week about businesses and culture, and one of the points made was that of the three wheels on the tricycle that move a business, one of those wheels has to be the lead wheel. They suggested the wheels were Operations, Customer, and Product. You need to be proficient at all three, but you also need to choose one to lead with.

Something I have realised through this exercise of problem solving how to make this product and start this business, is that I am making a business that leads with 'Product'. I want the product to be delightful, for each part of it to be thought through and mindfully designed, and that is something I am very unwilling to compromise on.

So it seems that through the discomfort of problem solving my way through getting this product made, I have come to understand one of my core values. For that I am grateful.