Keep showing up...

Consistency seems to me to be one of the keys to success. I am thinking about my meditation practise. I am thinking about eating well. About exercise. About this blog.

Not that this blog is what many would call 'successful' at the moment. I am not sure that anybody else reads it. But as I write it (almost) everyday, I can feel something changing inside me. 

I was thinking about this as I start to hang out with a new group of people. These are the subtle disruptors of Melbourne, those who are starting to do meaningful, purposeful, mindful, disruptive things, often through business. I have managed to tap into a few gatherings that have been happening, and because I have been showing up consistently, people are starting to recognise me as part of that group. I am starting to build some genuine relationships, and who knows, maybe I have found my tribe.

Going hand in hand with consistency is building for the long term. I like the Slow School of Business's approach in this way. About building mindfully. Building well. At the start of a new journey, in health, in business, in relationships, I am keeping consistency and building for the long term front of mind.