Acknowledging the progress

Last night I did not have any plans, so I decided to make an effort and have a solo date. I went out for dinner and had a delicious, medium rare stake. I went to a new cinema I wanted to check out, and watched The Martian. I had a great night.

Although I am tired this morning from a late night, I have a feeling inside that I have marked the progress I have made over the past month. I have trashed about with mints, and now have a name, and plan for making a mint, and clarity on what the values of the business are. I have developed my podcast logo and website, conducting my first interview, and lined up a few more interviews.

This is great progress. Slow progress, yes. It is usually slower than I hope. But it will take as long as it needs to take, and when it arrives I will not remember or be disappointed in how long it took. And since it is will be some time before I can have that ultimate celebration, I will continue to celebrate the small steps along the way, even if I am doing so by myself.