Acknowledging the funk

I am officially in a funk. I am trying to trace back exactly when it started, but I am feeling low. I feel it in my body. It aches. I struggle to get out of bed. I don't eat well.

I think it may have started when I stopped exercising. I have a couple of injuries that are preventing me from doing the exercise I usually do, and need to do. 

I have a hunch that this will pass. Actually, I know it will. My job is to continue doing as many of the good things I know I need to do as I can. That way when the funk passes I will be in good shape. And the funk will have a chance of passing faster.

One of those things is writing my blog post daily. Hence I am writing today's post at 10pm. Another is doing my daily meditation, which I am off to do after this post.

Small, incremental, positive steps. Giving myself a chance.