11 minutes with a lightsaber

Call me a bad parent, but generally about ten minutes of playing Star Wars imaginary fights with a 3 and 5 year old is my limit. I get to 11 minutes and I start to lose the will to live. Energy seeps from my pores, and I am ready to lie down and sleep for the rest of the day. 

I got to minute 11 for about the third time today and while I was ready to collapse on the floor, I also had a subtle sense of an observation about myself. I realised that I seemed to be able to control my enthusiasm for the game, and hence my energy levels and commitment to playing it, based on what I was focusing on. 

This is still a thought in development but it seemed to me that when I only cared about the moves I was making with my lightsaber, rather than what I was suppose to be doing in the game, I began to approach (I can't quite believe it either) enjoying myself!

I am not quite sure what this is, but I am wondering if it is along the lines of following my own moves, rather than the moves I think I am suppose to be making.  That there is much more fun and energy to be had in finding my own fun in something, rather than trying to tap into somebody else's. If I can turn a lightsaber fight into an experiment with how I can dance with a blade, rather than trying to work out and then follow the fluid rules of a 3 year old, then it can be fun! 

I seem to be getting a few life lessons from tiny humans at the moment.