My process of grief

A friend of mine who is also experiencing grief described the process of grieving like this to me:

"...(grief) is a beast and how long it lasts, is a mystery. You can't force yourself out of it, that doesn't work. And you can't hide from it, as it will catch up with you and bite you on the bum in years to come."

I probably looks pretty strange to somebody observing from the outside, but sometimes I am a teary mess unable to do anything, and then the very next day I will feel like I have all the energy of an exploring toddler. 

My approach is to trust my body, that it knows what I need and how best I will heal. When I am sad, I allow myself to be sad. When I am energised, I allow myself to flow with that energy.

I am grateful for those who sit with me in my dichotomy of states, allowing me to be.