Getting the basics right

Yesterday I went to the physio. I have had a couple of niggly issues with my shoulders and my knee, and they were beginning to stop me from exercising and moving my body well. I had been putting it off for a while hoping that my body would just heal itself, but it seems it needed some assistance.

It has only taken two session with the physio and I am now back on track. And he has given me five exercises to do every morning to start to correct the causes of my issues with my knee and shoulders. What it boils down to is that I have been taking some shortcuts, not compensating for some of the posture consequences of my lifestyle (carrying kids, working at a computer), and trying to do the advanced exercises before doing the basics.

The exercises he has given me will help me to strengthen my knee, lengthen and strengthen my calf muscles, and build up my upper back strength to support my shoulders. Very basic exercises, but I already feel better after doing them for two days.

I am content to do these five exercises for the rest of my life if it enables me to have the body and health I need to live out my dreams. That is the body I need: the one that gives me the functionality I need in order to bring into being what only I can.

In order to bring these things into being, a complex task when looked at in its entirety, I need to get the basics right first, including with my body.