In the end, its only me that knows what I need

Yesterday I crashed. After dropping the kids at school I lay in bed for more than an hour. Somehow I managed to get out of the house and drove to meet a colleague. This gave me a bit of a spurt of energy to get through the rest of the day, before going to bed at 9:00 and sleeping through to 7:00.

I think my body is telling me that it needs to feel some things, and I need to take excellent care of it so it can feel what it needs to feel. Many of these feelings are about processing what happened this time last year.

I think that is going to mean plenty of sleep, dropping the coffee, gentle exercise, and being sensitive to what my body is saying. Part of me feels guilty about this, like I need to be doing, and producing, and getting closer to making money again. However noticing how I feel today, in a much more relaxed and present state of mind, I realise that I must follow my own path. At the moment this does not look like much from the outside. But it is what I need.