I would never leave the house without brushing my teeth

Before I leave the house in the morning I always brush my teeth. The thought of inflicting my stale morning breath on another unsuspecting human is more than enough to ensure I maintain this life long habit. 

I was thinking about this and in a way how insignificant a bit of bad breath is. What other things am I inflicting on my fellow unsuspecting humans by not preparing adequately in the mornings? I have come up with a list of things I want to do every morning, and the possible implications to others and myself if I don't.

1) Drink a glass of water: dehydration, headaches, grumpiness, lack of concentration

2) Exercises: poor posture, achey body, grumpiness, distractedness, poor energy flow

3) Gratitude: selfishness, narrowness, depression, unhappiness

4) Intention: drifting through the day, lack of purpose

5) Meditate: mindlessness, unable to listen well, poor decision making

6) Blog: constrictive expression, thoughtlessness, lack of giving

7) Nutritious breakfast: hunger, grumpiness, poor nutrition, sickness, lack of energy and zest

8) Supplements: poor gut health, sickness, lack of energy and zest

9) Hot and cold shower: smelly, no wild man energy, poor care for my body

10) Teeth: bad breath, decaying teeth, gum disease, heart disease

11) Mindfully dressed: look out of alignment, feel shabby, lack of confidence

I have a hunch that to give myself the opportunity of being the best I can be on any particular day, these are the things I need to do each morning. It seems like a lot, but I reckon that the difference in my day and the impact I can have on others by doing these things, it is probably not that much at all.