Laundry List, Item 3: You can’t get there from here and besides there’s no place else to go.

In The Way of the Peaceful Warrior Socrates asks Dan if he knows where he is. He goes through a process of talking about where he is standing, to his state and country and planet, until finally he gets to the universe. "And where is the universe?".

None of us really know where we are, and if there is another place to go to we have no idea how to get there. So we are left with here, without escape.

We can run, dull, hide, ignore where we are, but it does not change the reality of the situation. I think that a way to start accepting this truth is to stop for a minute. Allow the place where you are now to saturate you. Listen. Look. Taste. Smell. Feel. Stop for as long as you can, and get to know the here where you are.

It may not be that pleasant, or exciting, or Instagram worthy. But it is where you are, and that makes it significant. Nobody else is there.