Courage is saying no to your only option

Although it can be stressful to decide between two options, your courage and conviction is really tested when you only have one option, and you know you need to so 'no' to it.

Whether it be a job, a relationship, or an event, and something inside you is telling you it is not quite right for you, it is still overwhelmingly tempting to say 'yes' to it when there is nothing else on offer.

I think that if we are able to say no at these moments we create space in our lives for things that are aligned with who we are.

I have done this recently with my job. I knew that it wasn't right for me, however I continued to use it as a security because I was afraid of not having another option ready to go. Once I backed myself to say no, my perspective changed and opened my eyes to some other opportunities around me.

I don't yet know how the story ends, but I feel like the story is now alive rather than being on life support.