There is no need to change it all at once

I read a blog post today about how to feel better about life. One of the suggestions was to make the bed in the morning - get those small wins on the board!

When I think about improving my life I sometimes do the opposite, almost rushing to make every change I think I should make. 

A better approach I think is to change a one, or maybe a few, things at a time. This way you can feel encouraged as you are successful, and can also get a good gauge on whether the change you are introducing is actually improving your life. 

At the moment I am trying to change my entire exercise routine at once. I know that I want to do some strength work (like cross fit), some flexibility and mindfulness work (like yoga), and a social/team sport (like park soccer or basketball. I can't work out a way to do all of these things at the moment, so I have decided to get cross fit happening once a week, gauge whether it is of benefit, and then try to incorporate a weekly yoga session. 

Small wins.