Giving in to the delay

I have been trying to get a breath mint business off the ground, and it is taking so much longer than I want it to. I think this is generally the way of new businesses, new projects, new ventures. They always take longer than we think, even when we take that into account.

I have had a suspicion though that the short terms delays in getting the business started are going to mean the business will be better crafted and formed in its early stages, giving it a much better chance of producing something useful, and having a long life.

The key thing we are trying to sort out at the moment is the structure of the company, and the split of equity between the founders. This is something we have been almost discussing for about four months, but with something always getting in the way.

Today one of my co-founders called to talk about the business structure, and without me even prompting clarified two of the key questions that had been concerning me. It seems to me that the delays in forming the business have actually given us all time to work out what this thing we are creating needs to look like. 

Deep down I knew that it was time to wait, time to allow some key things to fall into place. But there was a narrative in my head saying that I needed to push and force, and I was getting so frustrated with the lack of progress. But I think if I had have got my impatient way, I may have created something brittle and inferior that would not have lasted.